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Dear Northumberland

This is the film review I never wanted to write.

I have been locked out of my movie theatre by a bailiff representing my landlord effective this morning.

I am behind in my rent. I made an offer last week to catch up but that offer was declined. I was told I would have to do faster. I have been working on a counter-offer but apparently my landlord has run out of patience.

Northumberland Theatres has operated at the Cobourg Mall for 22 years and I have owned the business for the last 30 months. It's no secret that we are in a tough economy but it is nowhere more apparent than at Northumberland Shopping Centre where more than 50% of the leasable space is vacant.

For the 10 years prior to purchasing the theatre I programmed the not-for-profit Northumberland Film Sundays, in fact NFS held a film screening event Monday night that filled the house. It was the NFS heart-connections that gave me the confidence to try and make a go of it as the theatre operator.

I hope to find a solution to my current pickle so that I can reopen and operate the cinemas in Cobourg. To do that I am going to have to find a source of cash to cover my arrears. That will be my focus for the next few hours and days.

I love playing Hollywood films for Northumberland's young and young-at-heart and more than anything I love playing gems that enchant older movie lovers (like me!). Without this theatre we'll all have to settle for the small screen or the long drive to Clarington or Peterborough. One more setback for our little town.

Wish us all luck. I hope to see you at the movies.

Thanks for everything


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